Professional Image

Does your image help you advance in your career or unwittingly sabotage your career goals?

Your image is the visual resumé of the professional you are: a reflection of your
personality, communication style, attitude and lifestyle.

Before building your professional wardrobe, you need to take into consideration the field you work in, but not only, the culture of the company atters, as well does the nature of your clientele.

If you are in a “classic” area such as law, finance, accounting, etc., your professional dress should be “traditional/classy”. 
The message you will need to convey is power, authority, conformist and competence.

If your work is more like “people”, in the sense that you are very often in contact with the outside world, such as teachers, real estate agents, brokers, salespeople, etc., your professional dress should reflect your expertise. 
You must project an image of trust, accessibility and competence.

Arts occupations such as advertising, art, fashion, writing, decoration, entertainment, etc. require a more expressive image. Your outfit should reflect a unique, contemporary and creative person.

Your professional image has a direct impact on your results. Your outfit can help you achieve your goals,and it can send messages that will help you get what you want, because it increases your self-confidence, which increases your abilities. (cfr. Jeff E. Biddle & Daniel S. Hamermesh «Beauty, productivity and discrimination: lawyers’looks and lucre»)

After this reading, ask yourself this particular question: “Does your image help you advance in your career or unwittingly sabotage your career goals”? (cfr. « le poids des apparences », Jean-François Amadieu)

If your job has a major part in your life and you want to excel there, having the right professional outfit is your secret weapon for success.

Style Me! can help you upgrade your professional image, increase your self-confidence and give you a solid competitive advantage.

You need to know whether or not YOU ARE PROJECTING A WINNING IMAGE?

Dress for success

This may sound silly as clothing should not make or break your career, but what you wear can help you succeed in the long run, especially if you’re looking to bring your career to the next level…


When starting out in the corporate world it is important for your wardrobe to be as smart as your brain.
Your work attire should mandatory fit your body type and match with your position. The colors you are wearing must coordinate with your complexion and be in line with your company dresscode’s colors


The protocol and Etiquette define what is required or acceptable in a professional setting, and in social situations.

It is a Public Statement of Standards of Conduct that defines ethics for its employees, suppliers, and customers.

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