Makeup application


  • It helps to enhance your beauty assets
  • To change or enhance the way you look
  • It is a Cosmetic device that is usefull to “prettify” or add colours to someone’s face
  • It helps to exercise greater control over the impression you make

Applying makeup is a gesture that is ordinary only in appearance.
Makeup doesn’t look like much, but it makes ALL the difference.

Whether you use makeup “just to look good” or for special occasions only with a more sophisticated look, it is important to know the shape of your face and your “good colours” but most of all, the necessary steps to successfully apply your makeup.

Do you need makeup tips for a perfect complexion, to correct a small nose or irregular lips?

Style Me! will provide you will the necessary tools for a subtle and sophisticated makeup.

During our makeup masterclass you will learn how to use your own makeup, according to you mood.