Personal Shopping


  • HELP clients with their budgeting
  • STOP disaster shopping
  • FIND OUT boutiques with key pieces that will make all the difference in your style
  • Live a UNIQUE shopping experience, more ENJOYABLE and indefinitely UNFORGETABLE!

It’s never too late to get your closet game back on track.

Are you overwhelmed with the simple thought of going out for a shopping?

You literally lost when it comes to choose between two “identically looking” jumpers?

Style Me! Has the perfect solution for you.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the image management and an expertise in the fashion industry, Style Me provides with an exclusive personal shopping experience by assisting you with individualized attention and service.

With a perfect knowledge of the latest fashion trends, we build for you a capsule wardrobe that suits your style, personality and your lifestyle.

Thanks to the latest technologies, we can also assist you in your e-shopping.

Whether you need to dress up for a special event or just want be comfortably dressed for your office look, we will help you built the wardrobe that really communicates your personal style STATEMENT.