For the most beautiful day of your life, Style Me! Agency proposes a variety of services in order to simplify your ceremony and, help you devote to the essential, YOU!


Style Me! helps you organising your wedding beauty planning.

Style Me ! helps you to choose THE perfect wedding outfit, accessories, makeup and hairdressing. This choice will be made in accordance with your colourimetry, your face shape and body structure analysis.


  • Programme
    • 1st session :
      • Bilateral interview with the bride to be, up to 1 year before the D date
      • Colour analysis
      • Face shape analysis
      • Body structure analysis
      • And lifestyle
    • 2nd session :
      • Suggestion of a range of boutiques
      • Proposals of a selection of wedding dresses, accessories, hairstyles, etc. in line with the bride’s suggestions and instructions
    • 3rd session :
      • Accompany the bride to local stores, boutiques, shopping malls to choose the perfect dress, accessories, etc.
    • 4th session  :
      • One month before the wedding : test the selection of hairstyles and makeup created by our team, in line with your hair texture, facial features and skin tones,
      • Try on the wedding dress
    • 5th session
      • 15 days before the date : try on the wedding dress for the second time (
    • The Wedding day: Realisation of private and personalized makeup and costum hair of hairstyle, and dressing up the Bride.


Price : see pricelist for « Le Prestige programme » or request an offer for your personal programme