Dress style

Dress Style Analysis

What shape are you?
What is your true fashion identity?
What is your fashion style?


Questions that you may ask yourself, without necessarily being able to answer.


The study of dress style is represented by a geometric shape. Shapes vary – H, 8, hourglass, pyramid, etc. This structure helps you to discover the colours, patterns and proportions that shape your appearance and enhance your look.

The study of fashion style is based on your shape, but most of all, your personality.

You only have one style. It doesn’t change with your age or your shape. It is therefore essential to identify and master your fashion characteristics.


Before using clothes, a guideline must be set: to define your style. Clothes are the key to your personal fashion identity.
The goal of Style Me! Agency is to teach you to wear clothes that flatter your figure, optimize your overall look and transcend your fashion style, all in line with your personality.

We accompany you in the analysis, organisation and the conception of your wardrobe as well as personalized shopping if desired (optional purchase).
Customized file provided.

Price: 150€