Colour analysis

Colour Analysis

Colour analysis, also called Colourimetry is the basis of a makeover.


According to the method of the 4 seasons of Johannes Itten, a Swiss painter (1888-1967), we will conduct a thorough analysis of the influence of colour by draping fabrics to determine the colours and shades that are most flattering for your complexion. We then determine together:

  • Colours that compliment your face
  • Colours that illuminate your complexion
  • We also eliminate your “bad” colours
  • And finally, we’ll help you understand the messages these colours send out


This colour analysis will enable you to harmoniously combine the colours of your wardrobe and put together your outfits.
Colour swatches will be provided. Very practical, these swatches will be your guide on your future shopping trips.


Price: 100€