Rouge Artist Natural – Moisturizing, soft shine lipstick


An ultra-creamy moisturizing lipstick with a translucent soft, shiny finish.

Rouge Artist Natural keeps lips hydrated for eight hours after application. Its incredibly smooth texture glides on effortlessly for the ultimate in comfort while also leaving the lips supple and moisturized.

Formulated with mother-of-pearl and colorful pigments, Rouge Artist Natural’s translucent shine adds a natural sheen to the lips.

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Rouge Artist Natural est un rouge à lèvres fondant et hydratant qui apporte à vos lèvres une brillance naturelle.
Il glisse parfaitement sur les lèvres et offre un véritable confort.
Se décline en 50 teintes lumineuses avec 3 effets différents: satin, irisé et diamant.


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N1 Iridescent Nude, N2 Iridescent Beige, N3 Iridescent Pink, N4 Pink Beige, N5 Nude Beige, N6 Diamond Copper Gold, N7 Icy Brown, N10 Iridescent Copper PinkIrisé, N11 Iridescent Strawberry, N12 Warm Pink, N13 Pink Praline, N14 Soft Beige, N15 Pink Brick, N16 Beige Violet, N17 Iridescent Fresh Pink, N18 Powdery Pink, N19 Iridescent Icy Pink, N20 Iridescent Pink Gold, N21 Pastel Pink, N22 Pink Peach, N23 Diamond Baby Rose, N24 Diamond Warm Pink, N25 Pink Brown, N27 Iridescent Blue Pink, N28 Purple, N29 Diamond Plum, N30 Diamond Pomegrate Pink, N31 Soft Fuchsia, N32 Diamond Pink Violet, N33 Diamond Fresh Pink, N34 Candy Pink, N35 Iridescent Orange Pink, N36 Iridescent Coral, N37 Iridescent Icy Coral, N38 Diamond Coral, N39 Soft Apricot, N40 Pastel Coral, N41 Watermelon, N42 Diamond Orange, N43 Orange, N44 Diamond Red, N45 Red, N46 N46 Cherry Red, N47 Red Brick, N48 Griotte Red, N49 Iridescent Burgundy, N50 Aubergine, N51 Coral Confident, N52 Naughty Nude

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