Artist Plexi Gloss – Lip Lacque


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This must-have lip gloss imparts vivid color and stunning shine while being completely comfortable on the lips. Its pigments are packed with Plexi Color Technology to deliver up to five hours of color impact while 360-degree, reflective shine beads maximize shine. The exclusive, artist-designed superflex applicator features a lip-hugging shape that allows for precision and control, and the super-loaded split-tip has a unique contour to sweep on the ideal amount of lip gloss. Available in 35 shades, Artist Plexi-Gloss’s wide array ranges from pearly and non-pearly finishes to sheer and opaque colors.


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Transparent, 100P Light beige, 101 Nude beige, 102P Sweet beige, 103 103 Beige pink, 104 Brown beige, 105P Pearly beige, 200 Nude pink, 201 Light rose, 202 Sweet pink, 203P Golden pink, 204 Old pink, 205P Pearly rose, 206 Pop pink, 207 Candy pink, 208P Lilac pink, 209 Fuchsia pink, 300P Golden pink coral, 301P Nude coral, 302P Golden coral, 303P Pearly coral, 304 Red coral, 305 Orange coral, 306 Orange, 400 Orange Red, 401P Pearly red, 402P Golden red, 403 Red, 404 Raspberry red, 405P Pearly plum, 406 Burgundy, 500 Lilac, 501 Purple, 502P Beetle, 503 Black

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