Eye shadow – Artist Shadow Satiny Finish


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Artist Shadow boasts both superior color pay-off of a professional eye shadow and high blendability. Its soft texture glides on smoothly on the lid. Artist Shadow is available in 5 finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic and diamond. Available in a wide range of shades, all made-to-measure, Artist Shadow reveals the artist in everyone.

Choose a palette and create your own harmony.


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S102 Onyx, S114 Pearl Gray, S226 Abyssal Blue, S228 Petrol Blue, S234 Azure Blue, S312 Mint Green, S314 Nile Green, S336 Lime, S402 Mimosa, S404 Straw Yellow, S502 White Sand, S506 Linen, S516 Sand, S522 Pinky Nude, S556 Taupe Gray, S560 Taupe, S602 Cinnamon, S604 Teak, S610 Almond, S616 Chocolate, S622 Black Brown, S632 Hazelnut, S638 Mocha, S642 Sahara, S706 Milk Toffee, S710 Peach, S714 Bisque, S718 Salmon, S732 Orange, S742 Tomato, S748 Coral, S800 Grenadine, S812 Tea Pink, S814 Light Rosewood, S818 Pinky Tile, S832 Ash Plum, S836 Pinky Ash, S848 Raspberry, S908 Mauve, S920 Violet

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