Eye shadow – Artist Shadow Matte Finish


Intense Pay-Off, Highly Blendable

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Artist Shadow boasts both superior color pay-off of a professional eye shadow and high blendability. Its soft texture glides on smoothly on the lid. Artist Shadow is declined in 5 finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic and diamond. Available in a wide range of shades, all made-to-measure, Artist Shadow reveals the artist in everyone.

Choose a palette and create your own harmony.



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M100 Black, M106 Slate, M110 Cement, M126 Chalk, M240 Prussian Blue, M322 Khaki, M408 Mustard, M500 Ivory, M510 Vanilla, M518 Nude, M530 Eggshell, M532 Sugar Coated Candy, M534 Oat, M536 Milk Tea, M540 Gray Beige, M546 Dark Purple Taupe, M548 Pink Gray, M558 Dark Taupe, M600 Pink Brown, M608 Red Brown, M618 Expresso, M620 Gray Brown, M626 Neutral Brown, M630 Sweet Chestnut, M636 Cappuccino, M656 Chestnut, M660 Speculoos, M664 Fawn, M704 Canyon, M720 Apricot, M726 Sienna, M738 Auburn, M806 Antique Pink, M816 Rosewood, M820 Dark Purple Pink, M822 Plum, M844 Burgundy, M846 Morello Cherry, M856 Fresh Pink, M860 Powdery Pink, M870 Yogurt, M928 Eggplant

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