Aqua Matic – Eye Shadow Waterproof Glide-On


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A long-lasting, ultra gliding eye shadow pencil from mat to diamond finishes.

Aqua Matic is a waterproof and smudgeproof eye shadow that comes in an automatic retractable pencil. Thanks to its integrated sharpener the tip is always sharped as desired. Its ultra gliding formula is easily blendable just after application, offering

an intense and even coverage with no transfer on the upper eye lid.  A feather weight formula for maximum effect!
Aqua Matic is available in 15 shades: from classical to vibrant pop colors.

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D-10 Diamond Black, D-12 Diamond Golden Grey, D-21 Diamond Light Turquoise, D-70 Diamond Peach, I-20 Iridescent Turquoise, I-22 Iridescent Electric Blue, I-30 Iridescent Lime Green, I-90 Iridescent Pop Purple, M-11 Matte Black, ME-32 Metallic Golden Khaki, ME-50 Metallic Golden Taupe, ME-52 Satiny Flesh-colored Pink, ME54 Metallic Pinky Beige, ME-80 Metallic Pink, S-60 Satiny Warm Brown