Eye shadow – Artist Shadow Iridescent finish


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Breakthrough long-lasting gel-powder formula with super-saturated pigments.

Artist Shadow boasts both superior color pay-off of a professional eye shadow and high blendability. Its soft texture glides on smoothly on the lid. Artist Shadow is available in 5 finishes: matte, satiny, iridescent, metallic and diamond.

Available in a wide range of shades, all made-to-measure, Artist Shadow reveals the artist in everyone. Choose a palette and create your own harmony.

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I-112 Chrome, I-120 Snow Gray, I-210 Light Turquoise, I-212 Periwinkle, I-220 Sapphire, I-238 Blue Cedar, I-300 Pine Green, I-318 Linen Khaki, I-324 Bronze Khaki, I-328 Bronze, I-330 Linden Green, I-332 Meadow Green, I-340 Lime Green, I-412 Wheat, I-414 Yellow Ivory, I-508 Olive Beige, I-514 Pink Ivory, I-520 Pinky Sand, I-524 Pinky Beige, I-526 Pearl Beige, I-528 Pearl, I-538 Pearly Gray Beige, I-542 Pinky Clay, I-544 Pink Granite, I-550 Olive Gray, I-606 Pinky Earth, I-628 Reptile, I-634 Praline, I-662 Amber Brown, I-702 Mahogany, I-722 Mandarin, I-724 Rust, I-730 Pumpkin, I-736 Copper Red, I-746 Watermelon, I-752 Electric Coral, I-802 Coral Pink, I-804 Golden Pink, I-808 English Pink, I-824 Ocher Pink, I-834 Grape, I-838 Slate Pink, I-864 Baby Pink, I-872 Pearly Pink, I-902 Quartz, I-916 Fosted Mauve, I-918 Lavender, I-922 Electric Purple